How it Works?

Let Us Deliver the Greens!

Thank you for choosing INDIKA Medical Cannabis Collective . We are pleased to offer a Professional and Discrete same day delivery service for your medical cannabis needs. Become a member today to have access to our Member Benefits.


First time patient, click on the "SIGN UP" tab to set up a User and Password to login. please make sure you enter the correct information so we can verify your information.

Please have your original medical card ID# or doctor's recommendation letter and proof of California residency with you at the time of our delivery. We will take a picture of your California ID and Medical ID. 


login your account and place your order for the same day delivery. You will receive an email delivery confirmations on your order. 


We can only provide you a window time frame, our delivery service can take up to 20 mins - 1.5 hour. Due to the traffic and weather condition we can't guarantee the exact time of arrival. However, we will call or text you the ETA when we are close. 


At the time of arrival if we feel that the location that we are delivering to is not safe, we have the "RIGHT" to cancel the order and we will notify you immediately. We will reschedule for the next delivery day. We will not deliver to any other places accept your residence. No exceptions!


EMAIL:  PHONE: (415) 988-0263